Intro to the Slot Game “Devil’s Trap”

Slot machine developer Stakelogic has released a spooky new game with a Halloween theme called Devil’s Trap. Don’t worry if the thought of visiting Devil’s Trap gives you the willies; the only truly terrifying aspect of this place is its name. The remaining components were designed with little fright potential. The game is not very scary, but it does have pumpkins, skeletons, witches’ hats, and other Halloween staples, as well as free spins, random wild respins, wild nudges, and cash prizes. Feel free to have a peek if the thought doesn’t scare you too much.

The carnival where Devil’s Trap may be found is inhabited by ghosts of every description. They float lazily to and forth on each side of the game grid, which is surrounded by flashing lights on three sides. More typical carnival iconography fills out the rest of the scene, giving the sense of a cheesy House of Horror-style event. The music isn’t any better, just spinning in circles without seeming to be headed there or motivated to get there.

You may play Devil’s Trap on any device, and bets range from 20 pence to £/€100 each spin. There is no information provided on whether or not this number changes when purchasing free spins, despite the fact that the math model volatility rating of “high” indicates a potential return value of 96.26% while playing in the default mode (may be lower depending on where you play). The action takes place on a five-reel, three-row machine with twenty fixed paylines on which players may win with combinations of three identical symbols up to five identical symbols across.

If you’ve made it thus far without fainting from fear, you deserve a reward. To begin, there are 10A symbols contained in potion bottles, which are worth 28 times the wager for a full house. After crows and spiders, the rewards range from 10x to 100x the initial wager for a full house of those symbols. Devil’s Trap is a Halloween-themed slot, and no slot would be complete without a wild pumpkin symbol. Wilds may replace every other symbol on the reels, even scatters, which don’t pay out anything. Winning wild paylines provide a 100x payout for a full house.

Demon’s Lair: Slot Machine Functions

You should look out for the witch hat bonus symbols. When 3 bonus symbols appear on reels 3, 4, or 5, the Bonus Reel will spin on the first two reels, awarding the following:

Prize pool ranges from doubling to quadrupling the initial wager in cold hard cash.

Wild symbols appear at random on the reels, increasing the chances of winning.

Ten, fifteen, or twenty spins without cost will activate the bonus feature.

Bonus Turns

Bonus Spins may be won by spinning the Bonus Wheel, or they can be purchased. The witch hat bonus symbols stay on the reels during free spins, increasing the chances of winning one of the three possible outcomes (including more free spins) described above. During the bonus round, a sixth reel appears to the right of the grid. Multipliers occur on this reel, increasing the value of all wins from the same spin. The multipliers might be anything between 2 and 100.

Prodding the Wilds

During the bonus rounds, wild symbols can stack up to three high. If a wild lands on the uppermost row, or the uppermost two rows, a skeletal hand may extend down and turn the entire reel wild.

Funds Bonus Purchase

The player can have the option to purchase additional spins by clicking the Buy Bonus button that appears whenever it is in view adjacent to the reels. As you can see, you have four choices. A fortunate dip option is available for 225x the stake, while the other three provide either 10, 15, or 20 free spins for 100, 250, or 500 times the risk, respectively. The last one you can buy has a 50/30/20 chance of giving you 10, 15, or 20 spins for free.

Slot Machine Accusation

Have you ever been driving and suddenly realized you’d driven home in a daze, with no recollection of the trip since your mind had been preoccupied with a thousand other things? The core gameplay of Devil’s Trap resembled that. The low-key audio-visuals had a calming effect, rather than a stimulating one. There’s nothing wrong with not trying to frighten the daylights out of people, and this game is one of the least terrifying Halloween-themed games we’ve reviewed in a while. While some may welcome this strategy, others may find it overly simplistic, especially considering the name.

Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit in the last line, as Devil’s Trap does occasionally break through the somnambulist bubble and do something intriguing. This was the typical result of a spin on the Bonus Reel being triggered by three witch hat Bonus Symbols. It’s possible to enjoy this phase of the game. Combining the first two reels into one large wheel results in some decent payouts. One of the major aims is to trigger the free spins bonus, where multipliers can increase wins by up to x100. You may win up to 10,000 times your initial wager on Devil’s Trap. A decent-sized bag of candy could be purchased with that amount.

Even while Devil’s Trap wasn’t very terrifying, it could have given some viewers the creeps. If you’re in the mood for some harmless fun during a time of year when everyone else is getting into the Halloween spirit and putting out jack-o’-lanterns and skeletons in their windows, Devil’s Trap has more treats than tricks in store for you.

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