5 Reel Drive Slots Overview

With this Microgaming slot, it’s time to hit the open road and start racing! The major concern is whether or not it can accelerate without a bonus round. Learn all you need to know about 5 Reel Drive in our slot review. We will evaluate whether this game is born to be wild or has a flat tire on the hard shoulder!


5 Reel Drive is a straightforward slot game, but it covers a lot of ground. In our professional review, we will discuss the following aspects of this game:


The benefit of its extremely high Return To Player

How the game makes up for the absence of extra rounds.

What jackpot and rewards may players anticipate when playing Money?

Very high ROI


far more than the majority of video slot machines


Casino Winding Road is untamed.


No multiplier, but replace for symbols


Chips Nine betting lines


They make for an uncomplicated game


The Search Police disperses


winnings from scatter symbols added to wins from paylines



Very simple to comprehend.

a greater RTP means more frequent victories

Wilds and Scatters to assist gamers

The jackpot at Max Bet Cons is reasonable.

No bonus game

Not really engaging gameplay

Superseded by a Mega Moolah variation

Evaluation of Important Characteristics of 5 Reel Drive


Instructions for Playing 5 Reel Drive

There is a reason why 5 Reel Drive is one of the most beginner-friendly slot machines in 2023… This slot machine game features no bonus rounds or variable number of playable paylines. Although this may sound like a drawback, the game’s lack of complex features makes it easier to grasp. If you’ve ever played a 5-reel slot machine before, you’ll feel right at home. If not, all you need to understand is how to set your desired wager each spin. You may do so by clicking or tapping the coin stack symbol.


The game’s premise of weird Americana is amusing but not really original. It was used for Microgaming’s 5 Reel Drive Mega Moolah variation, which was introduced one year after this game. Because just a few symbols are animated, this game’s visuals are pretty lackluster. With so many visually appealing slots available, 5 Reel Drive slots does not stand out visually.


If you often prefer slot machines with more than nine paylines, you may feel like you’re losing out on extra earning potential. There are substantial potential payouts, but you may find that some spin outcomes do not correspond to the conventional paylines.


5 Reel Drive Bonuses & Jackpots

As there is no 5 Reel Drive bonus round, we will provide a brief overview of bonuses. It is difficult to think that such famous slot machines exist in 2023 without free spins or other bonus features. The only comparable element is the Scatter symbol. These symbols are similar to bonuses in that they do not need to appear on a payline to award a prize. Despite this, the absence of genuine bonus rounds may discourage some players.


Yet, there is an argument against this. As a result of the game’s high RTP (almost 97%) and low volatility, players should lose less money overall compared to riskier, high-stakes slots with bonus rounds. However, this is still insufficient for some bonus-seekers.


The situation is not improving for jackpot-seekers. This game has a maximum payout of 10,000 for five jackpot Flaming Wheel symbols in a row. Although there are nine paylines, there are no stacked symbols in this game. This indicates that you cannot win more than this amount during a single spin.


5 Mobile Reel Drive Options

The 5 Reel Drive mobile slot loads rapidly on all platforms because to its minimal images and sound. This is beneficial for users of older smartphones and tablets. In 2023, high-octane, animated slot games might be difficult for some mobile devices. The basic interface, which consists of a single, huge Spin button, is optimal for small mobile devices.


This game’s lack of a bonus round makes it appropriate for mobile gamers, who often prefer shorter sessions. You will not get drawn into waiting for the bonus round to activate! There is no requirement for lengthy hours spent waiting for free spins.



Considering several aspects of our 5 Reel Drive slot review, it is possible to conclude that this game is dated. This fits perfectly with its classic Americana motif and the shown diner food. Yet, our experts believe that the term ‘classic’ better describes the game.


The game, which was released in 2008, currently competes with flashier games with bonuses and minigames. Mega Moolah: 5 Reel Drive, a similar game from the same creators and in the same series, is superior in practically every regard. Fans anticipate new features, including a substantial progressive jackpot, more paylines, and a lower RTP. It is tough to suggest the classic 5 Reel Drive online slot game over its cousin with a progressive prize.


The target demographic for gamers is unquestionably online slot novices. Another category would be gamers whose devices have limited visual capabilities. If you do not fall into one of these categories, you may not like this slot game.

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