How to Place a Baseball Bet

The goal of baseball is straightforward: score more runs than the other team throughout the course of nine innings. If the game is still tied after nine innings, the teams will play extra innings until one of them wins. Baseball betting lines include a moneyline, a runline, and/or totals, which allow fans to wager real money on the result of the game:

The total moneyline for the 2020 season opener is a combination of team spread and total moneyline.

New York Yankees -1.5 +135 Ov 7.5 +100 -140 vs. Oakland Athletics

Washington Nationals -1.5 -160 Un 7.5 -121 +120 Washington Nationals -1.5 -160

Baseball betting on the result of games is only one of the numerous options available. Sportsbooks will often provide their customers the opportunity to wager on a variety of future outcomes including division winners, the American League Championship Series (ALCS), the National League Championship Series (NLCS), and the World Series winner. They will have a moneyline and/or a total, just as regular games:

Winner of the AL West Division

The Houston Astros are behind by 175 points.

Athletes from Oakland (+250)

+525 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

The Texas Rangers may be reached at +1600.

The Seattle Mariners may be reached at +6600.

Win totals and reaching the playoffs are two more team-oriented futures bets to consider:

Wins in the regular season for the Houston Astros

More than 35.5 plus 110

Under 35.5 degrees -130

Markets for the Houston Astros in 2020 — Aiming to Make the Playoffs

Yes -360

No +275

Examples of player-oriented future bets include the regular-season awards, which are a kind of future bet. Many sportsbooks will also accept wagers on the player who has the most home runs, runs batted in (RBIs), stolen bases, and strikeouts in a certain statistical category, for example.

There will also be a moneyline and/or a total included in these:

Markets for the Houston Astros in 2020 — Aiming to Make the Playoffs

Gerrit Cole may be reached at +225.

Max Scherzer’s phone number is +550.

Justin Verlander’s phone number is +700.

Jacob Degrom may be reached at +750.

Players will be able to place totals bets in a variety of categories via the use of sportsbooks. It is possible for fans to wager on whether a certain athlete will cover the over or under for a specific category:

Markets for Giancarlo Stanton in 2020

Including postseason games, the player’s total number of home runs is:

More than 16.5 percent of 112

Under the 16.5-112 mark

Baseball bets may be placed on a limitless number of players and teams due to the large quantities of individual and team information that sportsbooks maintain. The only restriction is the sports that each sportsbook chooses to accept bets on.

Baseball Betting on the Moneyline

By striking a balance between the risks and rewards associated with betting on either side, moneyline betting attempts to equalize the playing field for all participants. It is human nature to place our bets on the favorites since they are more likely to win. However, as a result, bets on favorites pay out at a lower rate.

For example, the New York Yankees (-140) are favorites to defeat the Washington Nationals (+120) in the season-opening game on April 1.

If the Yankees were to win, you would have had to wager $140 in order to receive $100. As favorites, they have a higher chance of winning, resulting in a lesser return (payout) for taking on less risk. However, if the Nationals win, a $100 wager will turn into $120.

Underdogs have a higher chance of winning, which more than compensates for the risk involved in betting on them.

Are you still perplexed by moneyline wagers? With our sports odds guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about how moneylines and other types of odds operate.

Baseball Betting on the Runline

Runline betting works in the same way that the point spread does in a football game. Favorites must not only win, but they must also win by a margin greater than the runline.

In the event that an underdog loses a game, the bettor wins if their loss is less than the runline.

The runline for the first game of the season is 1.5 runs. As a result, in order for a wager on the Yankees to be profitable, they must win by at least two runs (or more than 1.5). As a result, the Nationals may lose by a single run (less than 1.5 runs) and still get payment.

If you want to know how much your runline bet may win, use our odds calculator to figure it out.

Baseball Betting on the Totals/Spreads

Totals, sometimes known as team totals, function in the same way as the over/under wagers offered for NBA and NFL games. The total number of runs scored by both sides will be represented by the figure stated by bookmakers. Bettors may place bets on whether they believe the total number of runs scored in the game will be higher (over) or fewer (under) than the predicted total (under).

The total for the first game of the season is 7.5 runs. If the Yankees and Nationals score at least eight runs and cover the over, the bet pays out at a rate of +100 to the winner. However, if they get a score of seven or less, they will receive a -121 payment.

Baseball Predictions: The Best Bets

Knowing how to read baseball betting lines and how to bet on baseball games has prepared you for the moment when you may begin placing bets. Don’t simply choose any old game and bet on it with the moneyline, though. Some investments will turn out to be more profitable than others. So, how do you determine which teams are the greatest bets for baseball games?

First and foremost, you must do your assignment. Information is essential, and in baseball, there is a plethora of it accessible. When it comes to the best bets, they will be a combination of value and probability of winning: for example,

1.Take the Under – Especially if you’re playing indoors:

Because more runs tend to correspond to a more interesting game, recreational gamblers like to place their money on the over. As a result of their efforts, the house will boost the chances of the under, increasing the value of the bet. When games are played under domes, where the weather is not a factor, the pitcher has an advantage on the field.

2.Your ally will always be the underdog.

That may seem to be contradictory given the fact that they lose more games than they win. However, since the odds are in their favor, they pay out more money when they do win. If you place all of your bets on underdogs, you have a good chance of coming out ahead even if you only win half of your games.

3.Early in the season, take a chance on underdogs:

The rosters of each club are being studied by the oddsmakers, who are determining how to modify the odds suitably early on. You will be more likely to discover anything of worth at this time. Make sure to do your research first before placing your bets on underdogs; else, you may end up losing your money.

Whatever you do, avoid placing wagers on every game. Such a tactic is not recommended for baseball betting. Some bettors believe that “you have to be in it to win it,” but those who believe this are most likely attempting to borrow money from you. Ideally, you should only place wagers on sports that you are sure about.

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